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Helpers of this site

There are many helpers for this site. Of course, all the people who visit this site are all helpers, which might sound like talking politicians.^^

Any way, I'd like to introduce my friends who helped building this site in more direct ways. They helped me translating some articles in some repect while their helps increased me really much to build up and concentrate my time and passion on this site. I began this site to serve many people some infos of TKD to rather find that there are many good friends in Taekwondo world.

Now I'm afraid whether I can do more to them than they have done to me, even later...


He is helping this site translating PPT into French. It would have been impossible to even imagine to construct french version of PPT without his help.

Francois is chartered accountant in Canada . In Canada, this mean a licenced accountant. It is possible for him to perform audit in companies and issue an audit report on financial statements. He is 41 years old. He did Taekowndo in 1985-6 and began 1998 with his son Vincent and step daughter Anne-Marie. His Taekwondo teacher is Mario Dudemaine 4 Dan, who is very humble and lives trought very much and a friend fo Francois. Francois helps him recruting new students. He finds every merits of Taekwondo with others one by one, making them a part of his life.

A part site(Meditation) was designed to thank for his help on this site. For he said he meditates sometimes especially when he meets some problems in practice of TKD. You can visit the page ; Hobby>Meditation.

J.L. Guirao (written by himself)

I'm from Spain and I'm 30 years old. I work as Analyst of Computers. I started with Taekwondo in 1984, I was 15 years then and now I' m 3 Dan. My sabomnim is Jun Young Tai (Korean) and is 8 Dan. He's a big authority of the Taekwondo in Spain and he is one of the firsts who introduced it in Spain. Now I'm learning Tai-Chi with the master Pedro Valencia (style Chen) since a half year before. I think that Taekwondo must learn a lot about the philosophy of Tai-chi. Here in Spain (or all the West?) the masters of TKD only teaches how to fight, not the philosopy. I am very happy to read the PPT, because now I can gain more with practice.

I will thank to my wife Maria for she helped me translating these pages into spanish and also to my masters for the patience that they have had with me. Thank you very much.

(The webmaster of this site also thanks to those who have helped you!!)

A part site(Ki and Taekwondo) was designed to thank for his help on this site. He was interested in training of Ki, so I began to get interested in explanation on Ki and its infos. You can visit the page ; Discussion>About Ki

Hooi Yu-Mun

Hooi Yu-Mun is a Malysian. She is holder of 1st degree black belt in taekwondo WTF, purple in karate shitoryu and gitokukai. She is a Chinese and 22 years of age, female.

She translates PPT in this site into Bahasa Melayu or Malay, the native tongue in malaysia, so that she gains deeper understandings on Taekwondo.

<Self Introduction>

Name: Hooi Yu-Mun
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysian
Sex: Female
Age: 22
i started tkd in 1994, got my black belt in 1998. competed in various levels of competitions, the highest being at national level, representing the state. i also learn karate shito ryu and gi toku kai, and i am a purple belt in karate. i am a student in National University of Malaysia, doing Bac in IT (computer science), completing my final year.
My picture can be saved here: http://www.freeyellow.com/members8/hungheykwun1/index.html


He is a blackbelt of Taekwondo in Porto(in 2002). He is a fireman with his wife and four pretty daughters. He learned TKD sometimes directly and another times indirectly from Master Blue, and leads the North Association of Taekwondo in Portugal, with his friends like Filip, Noone and so on. They live in Porto, very beautiful city in northern part of Portugal, which is famous its wonderful wine.

They are building Portugueese mirror site of TaekwondoBible.com and much interested in philosophical foundation of TKD. They are planning to continue TKD exchange with Korea, with more sincere concern and somewhat better practice system than Korea TKD.

They are connected with Seoul National University TKD Club mediated by TaekwondoBible.com.

Visit his site: http://www.dragonwill.com/


She helps us to publish PPT in English, designing layout of the book.

She is a 28 year old female. She works as a web and graphic designer for the
company bento box media, and she also does photography. She has been studying tae
kwon do for a year and a half now(by Sep 2001). She lives in Vancouver Canada.

We'll get English version of PPT before we'll have much thing to introduce about her.

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