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About Basics of Taekwondo


The basics are very important in Taekwondo. They are the startpoints and the ends of Taekwondo training. At the beginning few people can understand the significance of the basics. If you learn Taekwondo in right and exact way you will understand every high level skills are mere variations of one basic skill and what makes the one basic skill able to change to various brilliant skills is a really simple factor.

The basics are the hard, the boring and the trivial. Only after they've gotton the higher level of TKD they begin understanding their implications. In this case they rebegin the basics again wasting much time in correcting almost everything.

But the wise people can avoid this mistake, following the elders' advices even though they cannot understand why. What leads you to this wise choice is the respect for the antecedents. Only the respect makes the people be able to follow the wisdom of the elders.

To be high level Taekwondo man

What you have to remember...
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