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Lee, Chang Hoo
tran. Steve Carperner.


By releasing my spirit in the form of a yell
My opponent's desire is overwhelmed.
All is a dialogue between the Subjective and the objective
If something cannot be found in the subjective
Then by objectivity can the opponent's
Subjectivity be dismantled.



Taekwondo is enriched by lines straight and curved,
a curved line let run
Comes to stand as a circle.
A circle in itself is a
Perfect world.
Within it, the universe perhaps can be seen
All is closed out or easily received.
A straight line is a sharp course
Yet also is weak,
It is drawn quickly to strike
Through all restraints,
Upon our foe.
A curved line has strength while
A straight line has speed,
A straight line and curved line
Unite in a circle but
Standing alone outside of a circle a
Straight line can be seen to exist by itself.
A straight line to my foe and a
Circle to me.
The result of a union of these
Two into one is that
Taekwondo transforms from a word
Into art.


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